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pressure washer cleaning solution,HXA1800BA

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  • Brand:    Shanghai Dihoo
  • Type:    HXA1800BA
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pressure washer cleaning solution,HXA1800BA


      pressure washer cleaning solution: Suitable for high pressure cleaning both inside and outside the courtyard of the family automobile, motorcycle cleaning security statement.
Main purpose:
1, can be used for home car washing, cleaning air conditioning, washing the floor, walls, garden watering, wash drug
2, due to the lightweight of the fuselage, highly mobile, professional cleaning air-conditioned home washing machine
6 reasons to wash the car:
1: car wash prices rise Biao, you count your years spent washing money? To wash once a week, then a year is 52, ten yuan each, which is 520 yuan. Washed twice a week? And now a lot of local car wash fee rose to 15 yuan each
2: car growing number of busy car wash, you have to line up trouble? With its own when you want to wash wash
3: car wash running around in circles, you are not afraid of your car is hurt you? To buy high-end cars or choose to care for their own car
4: When you do-it-yourself wash your car, the car will increase your feelings
5: wash the car can not only save money, but also a healthy form of exercise, is to wash your own kind of mood is also good, oh
6: This product is not just a car wash, can also be used for family Floors, walls, toilet, bathroom, swimming pool, carpet cleaning, very affordable home with it, huh, huh, you will want to go every day to the car to take a bath

Load Quantity
(HX) (bar) (bar) (L/min) (W) (V/Hz) (KGS) (CM) (CTNS)
HXA1800 90 125 6.0~8.0 1800 220~240/50
100~127 50/60
8.00/7.00 32.5×32×54 500/1000/1260


1. High Pressure Hose 5m

2. High Pressure Gun G03

3. Power Cable 5m

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